In Death by Sólfar Studios - The best VR game nobody is talking about

In Death originally arrived for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive back on February 1st of this year. We were lucky enough to receive a review code from Icelandic developer Sólfar Studios. However, I must admit, upon first playing the game, I didn't have very favorable things to say about it. In fact, I mostly could only think about everything wrong with it. The most obvious offense, was the fact that many of the enemies would just be standing around, awaiting my arrival. You'd walk down a random hallway into an adjacent room, only to find three or four enemies just standing there, waiting around for their "action" moment. Sure, as soon as they finally noticed you, they'd begin their attack, but

Budget Cuts get's a release date! May 16th for Neat Corps Stealth/Action Thriller!

The good news train just keeps rolling along! First, we find out that Skyrim VR is making a surprise appearance on April 3rd, and now we find out that perennially delayed stealth/action game Budget Cuts is coming out on May 16th! The game is expected to cost in the neighborhood of around $30, with a play-time of 8-hours roughly, or at least in that general vicinity. Neat Corporation's co-founder Joachim Holmér is currently at GDC giving demos of the game, as well as a talk on the locomotion techniques they used in the highly anticipated title. He even posted a 20 second clip on YouTube showing how the game has been progressing over it's lengthy development: The brief video clip might look ve

If Beat Saber looks half as good as it does in the Mixed-Reality videos... we're in for a real t

I've never had a trailer sell me more on a game than Beat Saber. You watch the various mixed-reality videos for this game, and you can actually feel your wallet being force-pulled right out of the back of your pants. The jedi's at developer Hyperbolic Magnetism really have something special here... It just looks like an absolute blast to play, while making you feel like a bad-ass of the highest order at the same time. Of course, the mixed-reality videos feature players that know the songs inside and out, and have their routines down pat. Not to mention wearing a cool jedi outfit all the while playing it impressively. That mixed-reality video above, using LIV technology, at the time of this

The Mage's Tale is headed to the HTC Vive on March 23rd!

Former Oculus exclusive The Mage's Tale, from renowned rpg developer inXile Entertainment, will be arriving on Steam March 23rd. The Steam version only supports the HTC Vive, at least initially. No word on whether any support for the Microsoft MR headsets could be coming in the future. Oculus could have exclusive rights to the title on it's own platform, so no support for the Rift is indicated with this Steam version. InXile Entertainment has also confirmed that a PSVR version is being readied behind the scenes. This game has always been one of our favorite dungeon crawlers here at VR Game Rankings. It's hard not to think of The Mage's Tale, whenever thinking of Vanishing Realms and Karnag

Skyrim VR coming on April 3rd to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift!

That sound you heard across the land is thousands upon thousands of hungry PC VR gamers celebrating with excitement over the idea that Skyrim VR is headed our way, and much sooner than we could have ever anticipated. Skyrim VR was released on Sony's PlayStation VR platform last November 17th. Most assumed that Sony had worked out a one year exclusivity window with Bethesda Game Studios. Turns out instead of waiting till much later in the year, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive gamers will be traversing the lands of Tamriel starting this April 3rd! The surprise announcement caught the entire VR gaming industry by surprise, not the least of which is many VR publishers and developers that were planning

Moss delivers an adorable mixture of platforming and puzzle solving

When we imagine in our minds, what a killer-app style VR game might look like, we probably don't picture a 3rd person platformer. Especially one that has the player sitting in a chair, holding a regular gamepad. Instead, we tend to think of an immersive first person game that completely envelops us in it's world. We're standing up, with motion controllers in each hand, and we feel like we've been magically transported to another world entirely. When you're sitting in a chair, holding a controller, it's a harder sell, to feel like you're intrinsically part of what's taking place before you. Moss transcends this. In Moss, not only do you control one of the most adorable and lovable platform he

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