Time Carnage - More than just another wave shooter

Wave shooters. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Ok, maybe not that last part! The truth is, if you've been a VR gamer for any appreciable length of time, you're probably up to your ears in wave shooters. You'd probably rather do a hundred push-ups, or jog a mile in a raging blizzard, rather than endure another crappy wave shooter. Well, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is, Time Carnage is indeed a wave shooter. There's no getting around that. The good news is, this might be one of the best wave shooters we've seen to date. The thing that really sets Time Carnage apart from the pack, is the fact that the game has a unique play mechanic that gives it that extra somethi

Wipeout Omega Collection - The Best VR game currently available?

On March 28th, Sony dropped a neutron bomb on the entire VR gaming industry. They released a VR patch for their celebrated PS4 game, Wipeout Omega Collection. We've known for some time now that Sony was going to be adding VR support to the classic futuristic racing franchise. We expected it to bring PSVR owners a fun and enjoyable diversion from Skyrim VR and Moss. A nice change of pace. A shot of adrenaline. We were completely unprepared for the magnitude of what Sony has actually achieved. Wipeout Omega Collection is not simply a fun diversion from other, more important VR games. Quite the contrary, those other games are a diversion from Wipeout! This is the main event. This is what we've

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