To The Top hits PlayStation VR with it's gameplay and fun factor mostly intact!

To The Top is easily one of my favorite VR games of 2017. The game released a little over a year ago on the Vive and Rift (and later on Windows MR platforms). Not too long ago, we heard that To The Top would also be making it's way to PlayStation VR, and the port makes perfect sense. First off, To The Top is sort of like a 3D platforming game in first person. You're basically running and jumping from blue surface to blue surface, trying to improve your times as you go along. It's basically an obstacle course race, somewhat similar to Sprint Vector, but much more grounded in the platforming world. Sprint Vector is more Mario Kart than anything, and To The Top is closer to Sonic the Hedgehog o

Red Matter is a visually stunning Sci-Fi puzzler for the Oculus Rift

It's not an incredibly common occurrence, but once in awhile a game will sort of come out of nowhere to really blow your hair back. For me, Red Matter is one of those games. I guess I just wasn't tracking the development of Red Matter very closely, and had zero knowledge about upstart developer Vertical Robot. It turns out, that Vertical Robot isn't just a couple of college students that are playing around in Unity or Unreal. They might be an indie studio, but this indie studio was formed from some very talented individuals that have credits on a number of outstanding titles. These folks have worked on Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, Spec Ops: The Line, and many other high-quality releases. Up

YES! Sony has listened to our pleas for more of Robot's Rescue... Enter Astro Bot!

The launch of PlayStation VR seems so long ago, now that we're in the middle of 2018. Still, most of us can remember back to the systems launch window, and one of our most cherished memories is the time we spent with the Robot's Rescue segment from The Playroom VR. Despite it's brevity (only lasting around 12 minutes), the segment really resonated strongly with most PSVR gamers. Perhaps it's because many of us started off our game playing careers enjoying classic 3D platformers like Super Mario 64 or the Ratchet and Clank series. Many more of us go back much further, to the days of early Mario and Sonic games. However, you'd normally think that this kind of genre wouldn't work so well in VR

Compound available now in Early Access for $19.99!

Well, that didn't take too long did it? Last week, Rock Paper Shotgun had an article about Compound, and developer Bevan McKechnie appeared in the comments letting his fans know that the game was going to be arriving into Early Access in the very, very near future. Well, Today it arrived on Steam for the price of $19.99. Also arriving today is a totally updated demo of the title. For those that haven't been tracking this game, this is a retro-stylized Roguelike shooter ala Doom or Wolfenstein 3D from the early 90's. Not the roguelike part of it, but the stylized retro-graphics. I've often mentioned that I get a super strong Sega 32X vibe from this game. Something about the way it looks just

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