Creed: Rise to Glory hits PlayStation VR on September 25th for $29.99!

We've known about Creed: Rise to Glory for a long time now. This is the 4th major VR game from up and coming developer/publisher Survios. They of course started things off with their smash hit Raw Data, then followed that up earlier this year with Sprint Vector, and earlier this month they launched the surprisingly refreshing DJ'ing game Electronauts. Well, we don't have to wait too long for their newest VR game, because it's arriving on September 25th to the PlayStation VR platform! The game will retail for $29.99. What about PC VR platforms? When will Vive and Rift players get Creed?That's a good question. Right now, we only have the PlayStation VR date of September 25th. One of the things

The Dog Days of Summer have been anything but when it comes to VR gaming!

I can remember back to a time when the Summer season was a videogaming wasteland. Very few releases of any significance would dare launch in the summer doldrums. In 2018, at least in the world of VR gaming, it's been quite the opposite. So many outstanding games have piled up in recent months that it's probably put a serious dent into gamers wallets, in addition to their "real world" relationships and household responsibilities. There's just so many good VR games right now for gamers to sink their teeth into, that it makes it quite difficult to find the time to fit everything in. The Summer season kicked off with two pretty big arrivals to PC-VR in early June. Virtual Virtual Reality by T

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