2MD VR Football Unleashed coming to Quest this January!

Great news, Quest Fans! Another exciting title is headed our way with 2MD VR Football Unleashed by Truant Pixel. The game is coming to the Quest this January 9th, and it's going to bring some much wanted sports action to Oculus' exciting portable platform. I've personally played the game on PC-VR platforms as well as the PlayStation VR version, and I can say confidently that Quest fans are in for a real treat. At least if those other versions are anything to go by. Truant Pixel also released a trailer which shows legit Oculus Quest gameplay footage of the game, and it looks like very little was lost in the translation: One weird thing about the VR gaming industry so far, is that we've had ve

Arizona Sunshine gameplay on Oculus Quest has now been Revealed!

Oculus Quest gamers and VR enthusiasts have been wondering just how much of the Arizona Sunshine experience will come through this Thursday when the game hits the Oculus Store for the standalone headset. Well, wonder no more, because the official gameplay trailer is now live, click below to check it out: Watching the trailer, we can quickly surmise that the game has definitely taken a major hit in the graphics department during it's translation to Quest. Of course, this should hardly come as any shock. Despite what we've seen from other Quest games like Red Matter and Vader Immortal, there's only so much you can do with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers have certainly

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