The Walking Dead: Onslaught has been dated! Coming Sooner than you Think!

Great news for VR gaming fans! One of our most anticipated releases of 2020 has been confirmed. The Walking Dead: Onslaught will arrive on all major VR platforms (sans Oculus Quest), September 29th, of this year. Remember, this is the "other" big Walking Dead VR game. Earlier this year, Skydance Interactive knocked it out of the park with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. That game has been widely viewed as one of the best VR games of 2020, and one of VR's All-Time best releases. Often considered one of the 5 best VR games money can buy. So, it's no wonder that the "other" Walking Dead game got lost in the shadows. What VR gamers need to remember however, is the developer behind this "othe

Steady Stream of Big Releases has the Oculus Quest Lineup looking better than ever!

With each passing month, the Oculus Quest's library get's stronger and stronger. July was particularly impressive in this regard. Five Nights at Freddy's VR, In Death: Unchained and Onward all arrived on the Oculus Quest with tremendous force. Going back to June, huge games like Phantom: Covert Ops and Trover Saves the Universe also bolstered the Quest platform. While PC-VR gamers might be complaining about a dearth of big releases since Half-Life: Alyx, it seems the Quest has had a relatively steady stream of strong releases to keep the momentum going. Be sure to check out our Last 90 Days - Top 20 Oculus Quest rankings, to get a better idea of which games are the best options among recent

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