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Zombie Riot by PlaySide Studios logo
Release Date - 12/6/16

Zombie Riot has been built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Players use their hands to pick up anything they see and use it as a weapon! ZR is an action packed horror survival game where you must use your wits and surroundings to survive the apocalypse! Purchase a huge array of weapons, from Dual Pistols to a Tesla Assault Rifle! All in your own home, survive the end of the world in this visually stunning VR experience! Need a little bit of range to pick off the stragglers? Pick up your Sniper rifle and pick them off one by one via your scope! Need something sharp to handle those zombies that get a little too up close and personal? Pick up the Spikey Baseball Bat ! You have the freedom to handle the undead your way! Take them out in style; Tennis rackets, chainsaws & grenades for more explosions!

Review Coming Soon

Zombie Riot by PlaySide Studios for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
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