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Brass Tactics Arena Logo 4p.png
Release Date - 2/15/18

The full version of Brass Tactics is an incredible game, and definitely worth your money and attention, but if you're a little short on the green stuff, you'd be a fool not to take full advantage of Brass Tactics Arena! From the lead designer of Age of Empires II comes a living tabletop battlefield, where your forces are always at your fingertips. Unlimited online competitive, cooperative, or vs. AI play on a single intricate map. Dozens of units and upgrades, each with exploitable strengths and weaknesses. Intuitive, comfortable controls. a friend, it all comes down to Brass Tactics. You basically get to experience the full breadth of what Brass Tactics offers in Arena, with the handicap of only having the single map. Still, you can spend hours just getting the feel of the game and then upgrade to the full experience.

 Rating - 91

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