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Find My Phone App: The Game by Pet Vacuum logo
Release Date - 3/11/21

Can you believe there's a VR game about finding your missing phone? No really, it's true. Lead developer Brennan Hatton, made this title (along with several others) during the Global Game Jam 2021 #ggj21​ It was  developed under the name "The Free-Range Roombas!". Wilson Taylore, Tim Christie and Clemant Chan also assisted with development.  What is Fine my Phone App: The Game? Well, it's a short story driven exploration comedy. Your phone is missing. This is not only an outrage, it's downright dangerous. You've got to find where in the world that thing scampered off to! Thankfully you've got Find Your Phone App on your tablet! Scan environments for extremely unhelpful clues on where your phone is and hope that it hasn't fallen prey to a wily phone thief!

Review Coming Soon

Find My Phone App: The Game by Pet Vacuum for the Oculus Quest App Lab platform
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