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Release Date - 5/9/17

There are a handful of game designers out there, that truly have a singular vision, and every game they release ends up demonstrating that trademark quality. Jeff Minter is one of these rare talents. My first encounter with classic Minter was probably Tempest 2000. Even back in the 90's, Jeff was causing players eyes to water up from all the colors that were splashed across the screen. Polybius, like Tempest 2000 before it,  is the kind of game that will cause certain players to almost  have an out-of-body experience with what they are experiencing. Other players will complain about the retro graphics and won't understand what all the fuss is about. It might depend whether you have any memories of classic gaming from the 80's. Those that do, will find their nostalgic memories rekindled by the amazing sound effects and psychedelic visuals.

Rating - 84

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