Mirowin is a Ukrainian developer that is best known for Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR, as well as Boiling Steel. We covered Boiling Steel for a long time at VR Game Rankings and we actually believe it was one of 2019's best VR sleeper games. A solid game that went mostly undiscovered. Now, Mirowin is at it again with RU77. This game won't be arriving until sometime in 2021, but it's definitely a title to keep your eye on. Early footage of the game makes it seem a bit like Pistol Whip, except for the fact that you don't seem to be locked into any set path. It's a more wide-open landscape. The art design is definitely striking, and we can't wait try out the Arcade style gameplay this game is surely delivers to players.

 Coming 2nd Qrt 2021