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The Lab VR by Valve logo
Release Date - 4/5/16

Most gaming outlets will consider Valve's "The Lab", as a singular game. At VR Game Rankings, we know better. There is too much good stuff in The Lab to throw it all into one grab bag. For example, Xortex 26XX could, and should... stand on it's own. Although it's a free experience for anyone with a Steam account, it deserves to get it's proper share of recognition. It's a blueprint for how to take a retro style arcade experience and give it completely new life in the VR format. The game has a clarity and crispness to it's game engine that is beyond reproach. It's amazing to think that this game has been available for free since day 1.

Rating - 89 

Xortex 26XX by Valve for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift


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