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Front Defense finally arrives on Steam, but does anybody really care?

Front Defense was heavily teased during 2016 as being this high-end, internally produced HTC Vive game that would be coming sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, that near future turned out to be a lot longer away than anyone had anticipated. The game first arrived exclusively to Viveport, on June 27th. It was either purchasable for $19.99, or you could actually get it for free with a subscription to Viveport. Of course, many Vive gamers have been weary of using the Viveport software. Enough complaints about the buggy software have reverberated on the various VR forums, that most preferred to wait for it's Steam arrival. Well, that day has finally come, but does anybody care at this point?

The problem with Front Defense, is that it's basically doing the same things we saw near the launch of the Vive. Wave Shooters are a tired, and played-out genre at this point. You either need to be the purest refinement of the wave shooter style, or you need to be bringing something extra to the table. Front Defense seems like the kind of game that could have done well last November, but now in July 2017, it seems a bit late the party. Of course, if the price was $9.99 instead of $19.99, many Vive gamers would probably still give it a look-see, but at $19.99 it could struggle to find a huge audience after all this time.

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