Looking for a $40 golf game? Everyday Golf VR launches on Steam today!

I've said it a million times, but with this VR gaming market, games just tend to come out of the blue without any warning. A perfect example of this is Everyday Golf VR by developer WISECAT. This game showed up on Steam today for the low, low price of $33.99. This is actually a temporarily sale, which is 15 percent off it's normal price of $39.99. Now, who am I to judge whether this game is worth this price? This could be the greatest golf game of all time. Right? Well, sure, anything is possible, but I always think it's a bit funny when random games come along with really high prices. Yes, I consider $40 to be a relatively high price in the world of VR gaming. Especially PC VR gaming. If you're going to charge $40, you better be bringing the noise. Your game better be up to par (literally!).

We haven't heard any impressions about the quality of this game yet, but we'll be sure to update this story if it turns out to be the golf game to end all golf games. If any of you brave souls try this game out for the $34, be sure to post a comment below and tell us how the game is.

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