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The Last Guardian VR demo coming this Tuesday for free!

The PlayStation Experience 2017 has been a cornucopia of exciting announcements for PlayStation VR owners. First we got Wipeout Omega Collection VR, and now we're going to get a Last Guardian VR demo this Tuesday. Before you get too excited however, we must realize that this is just a demo experience that lasts around 15 to 20 minutes.

Details are scarce right now on exactly what this experience will entail, but Sony tweeted out that we'll have a chance to examine Trico up close and personal. You have to imagine during the long development of this title Sony experimented with the idea of bringing the game to their new VR headset in some type of fashion. While it's doubtful that we'll get a full-blown VR version of the game, this brief sneak peek is exciting none the less!

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