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Doom VFR coming to the HTC Vive in 2017!

Bethesda on June 11th confirmed what most of us had been expecting all along. Doom is indeed coming to VR. The official name is Doom VFR. This is obviously a play on Doom 3 BFG, and we all know what the F stood for in that title. The big news of course, is the fact that Doom VFR is actually launching sometime later this year. With Fallout 4 VR arriving in October, I'd have to guess that Doom VFR is coming in November or early December. If the newly released trailer is anything to go by, the game seems to feature drop dead gorgeous graphics along with teleporting as at least one of the potential methods of locomotion. Some VR gamers are already up in arms over the teleporting (rather than trackpad or thumbstick) method of locomotion shown off in the new trailer. Check out the video right below:

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