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Killing Floor: Incursion now available on Steam!

Killing Floor: Incursion, one of my favorite VR horror games of 2017 has now made it's way to Steam. HTC Vive players can pick the game up for $39.99 as of today. Oculus Rift owners have been enjoying this game for quite some time now. It's certainly one of the more visceral horror games I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I'm acutely aware of how played-out the word "visceral" is, when it comes to video games, but Killing Floor: Incursion is the very definition of the infamous V word. I constantly found my "Fight or Flight" response being triggered each time a menacing wave of Zed's approached me with the worst of intentions.

The Steam version of the game includes a bonus that the original Oculus release didn't feature. There is a new "Holdout" mode, which has players defending a random location against increasingly dangerous hordes of Zeds. The update also includes a new Hardcore difficulty setting, Katana weapon, leaderboards and achievements. If you bought the original Oculus version of Incursion, there is no need to fret, the "Holdout" update is being made available to all Oculus players as well. So, even Rift players will have a reason to fire up the game once again.

One of the biggest complaints I had in my original time with Killing Floor: Incursion, was the fact that there were some pretty serious bugs that Tripwire Interactive still needed to iron out. If I loaded up my game on a boss encounter, most of the time, the boss didn't show up. Instead, I would need to load a previous section of the game, and labor through that, only to get to the boss fight and hope against hope that I can defeat the boss this time and finally make it to the next stage. I'm assuming that bugs like this have finally been taken care of for the Steam version, and hopefully the Holdout update that's coming to Oculus players will also correct some of these annoying problems on the original Rift version.

Still, even with some of these annoyances, the game is a must play for any VR horror/thriller fans. The immersion level is high, the atmosphere is great, and the production values are top notch. Tripwire Interactive has shown that they can deliver the goods, and if you haven't already grabbed the Oculus version, you might want to take a good long hard look at this new Steam version. Tripewire Interactive has released a new trailer showing off the Steam version, be sure to check it out below:

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