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Will Super Lucky's Tale offer any VR support?

At Microsoft's e3 showcase back on June 11th, one of the surprise reveals was Super Lucky's Tale, which will be arriving on Xbox and Windows platforms later this year. The game will support Microsoft's brand new console offering, The Xbox One X, but it's also going to be available on regular Xbox One systems in addition to the Windows 10 Store. There wasn't a single peep about VR during the announcement, but developer Playful later seemed to hint at the fact that a VR version might not be out of the question. When asked about whether there would be a VR option for Super Lucky's Tale, Playful responded by saying that the game was built in such a way that it could easily support VR if need be.

Many Oculus Rift owners were left scratching their heads at the original Xbox / Windows announcement. Some wondered how Oculus could possibly let a potential platform mascot leave the fold to appear on competing platforms. Especially non-VR platforms. Here at VR Game Rankings, we were generally surprised by the announcement ourselves, because we assumed that Oculus had some type of stake in the Lucky's Tale IP. Even though Oculus had made the original Lucky's Tale a very big part of their identity (The Lucky's Tale logo is on the Oculus Rift box!), apparently they never did get actual ownership of the IP. On the one hand, you have to give Oculus some credit for not requiring ownership of published IP's like some other platform holders. Oculus seems content to help 3rd parties get big games onto their platform, without holding the IP as ransom. This is certainly a good thing in the long run, but Lucky's Tale has such a clear association to the Oculus Rift platform. Some have even wondered if the association to Palmer Luckey had anything to do with Oculus letting Lucky's Tale wander away.

Although this is nothing more than pure speculation on our part, we actually believe that Microsoft has a plan for Super Lucky's Tale and VR support. Let us not forget that Microsoft has several Mixed Reality headsets coming from 3rd party vendors later this year. Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Hewlett-Packard and several others will be bringing out so called "Mixed-Reality" headsets in the coming months. Lenovo's might actually arrive at retail as early as mid August. Certainly, these headsets are going to need games. The primary game store for these new headsets will be the Windows 10 Store. Super Lucky's Tale is of course coming to Windows 10 as part of this deal, so we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear that a special VR version of the game will also be available for these Mixed-Reality headsets. The real question for Rift and Vive owners of course, is will we be able to get our grubby little hands on the game without plunking down a good chunk of cash for yet another headset ?

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