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Brand New Ranking added today - Top 20 VR Exercise Games!

Not sure why it took us so long to make a Top 20 VR Exercise Game ranking, but we finally did it. We now have the Top 20 VR Exercise Games - All Platform ranking for everybody to check out. The VR Game Rankings editors, with some help from Tim Donahey of VR Fit, have developed this Top 20 list of what we think are the absolutely best VR games you can play, if you'd like to get a bit hot and sweaty, while burning a few extra calories in the process. This is just the list that we are starting off with. Obviously, with all the rankings here at VR Game Rankings, it's your submissions that really matter. If you disagree with some of the games on this list, or the order in which they're ranked, then do something about it! Submit your own Top 20 list, and that info will eventually get incorporated into the existing list, and it will change and morph as we get more submissions.

I really feel like VR headset owners have possibly the best exercise equipment known to man. The key to any fitness program is actually sticking with it for the long haul. If you're a dedicated VR gamer, you're going to move around quite a bit more than the average flat gamer.

Some of this exercise might be completely accidental, a side benefit if you will, but sometimes you just want to incorporate some specific VR games into your normal routine. It's always nice to burn calories in a way in which you're not necessarily consciously aware of it. That's the true beauty of Virtual Reality. I seriously feel like 20 or 30 years from now, we won't have very many obese people walking around, because we'll all be getting copious amounts of exercise enjoying our VR metaverse. Everything is going to be so damn entertaining, that we aren't even going to realize how it's helping our overall fitness condition.

So, grab yourself a few extra foam face gaskets, some cold water, turn your fans on high and get busy! Before you know it, you'll start shedding some pounds here and there, and you'll notice that you now need a belt to hold up your favorite pair of jeans! Time to go clothes shopping for some smaller sizes!

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