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Loco Dojo's bringing it's mini-game action to the HTC Vive on July 27th

Loco Dojo, a mildly entertaining mini-game romp on the Oculus Rift, is now headed to Steam and the HTC Vive platform on July 27th. The game comes to us from Make Real. It features 16 different mini-games, that up to 4 players can participate in. The Steam price is set for $19.99.

Will the game find an audience among HTC Vive players? Hopefully, cross platform play between Rift and Vive owners is possible, because this can act as a cushion for a fluctuating player base. All multiplayer centric titles have to be concerned about the value proposition when the player base eventually wanes. The good news with Loco Dojo, is that you can have good fun with many of these mini-games, even if you don't have other people to play with. There's definitely a Mario Party vibe with this game, and it has some elements of Wario Ware thrown in for good measure. The voice work by Brian Blessed really makes the whole thing come together for one of the more entertaining mini-game collections we've seen.

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