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PSVR Last 90 Day's Chart updated - Big games depart, big games arrive

We just updated the PlayStation VR, Best Games of the Last 90 Days ranking, and some heavy hitters fell off the list. 90 days ago would bring us to April 26th, so we can only consider games released on that date or later. Statik, our 3rd ranked game on this list was released back on April 24th, so it goes bye-bye. Starblood Arena, ranked 4th, gets removed from the list because it released on April 11th. Mortal Blitz, VR Invaders and Herocade all got ejected from the list as well. So, with all these significant games departing the list, what was going to replace all of those games?

Well, luckily, PSVR has had a flurry of big time releases recently. Super HOT explodes onto the list with the No.2 ranking, just coming out a few days ago.

Farpoint is able to hold down the top spot for now, but Super HOT is nipping at it's heels. Arizona Sunshine, which released on July 5th is another heavy hitter. While the game might have disappointed some PSVR gamers with very high expectations, the game was recently patched and supposedly plays quite a bit better. So those of you not in love with Arizona Sunshine early on, maybe should give the game another shot.

Archangel is another big new release that hit the list at No.5 overall, which is a very impressive debut. Although we might not have known a ton about Archangel before it arrived on PSVR, it's definitely bringing some heat.

The game is a graphical powerhouse, and has some great production values and an interesting storyline. The game isn't cheap, but the early word is that it's worth the higher price.

Star Trek Bridge Crew at No.4 overall, and Polybius at No.6 overall have been able to stay ranked relatively high, even with this flurry of new arrivals. Speaking of new arrivals, both Ancient Amuletor and Fantastic Contraption are new to the charts. Checking it at No.7 and No.8 respectively. At No. 9 overall is a slightly older one in Dick Wilde, but everybody with the AIM controller say it's the 2nd best experience on AIM.

We have another newer entry at No.10 with Cavernous Wastes. This game is about as indie it gets, being developed by a single individual, but the buzz on the game has suggested it's pretty decent, at least for it's $10 price.

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