Firewall: Zero Hour dated for August 28th!

Adam Orth, Creative Strategist at First Contact Entertainment, was interviewed at e3 recently where he mentioned that Firewall: Zero Hour was coming very, very, very, very, very soon. (That's five soon's, by the way) Technically, he's right. Although August 28th isn't exactly right around the corner, it's not Winter 2018 either. Many PSVR devotees were hoping the release was mere days away, but I guess they'll find solace in the fact that the game will hit prior to Labor Day weekend, so there's that... In addition to finding out the exact release date, Sony has also released a brand new gameplay trailer today for the highly anticipated squad based shooter: It's somewhat surprising that devel

Moss now available on Steam and Oculus Store for Vive & Rift players!

Moss, easily one of our favorite PlayStation VR games of 2018 thus far, has arrived "sneak attack" style onto Steam and Oculus Store today! You can grab the enchanting VR platformer for your Vive or Rift for $29.99. Moss originally arrived back on February 27th for PlayStation VR, delighting 3D puzzle/platformer fans looking for more 3rd person VR action gaming. At the time, we had no idea the game would be making it's way to Vive and Rift players only a few months later. PC VR players are definitely in for a treat with this endearing romp. The backdrops in Moss are not only graphically enchanting, but they also nearly surround the player with a playground of platforming and peril. One techn

Stormland is the newest triple A VR game headed our way from Insomniac Games!

The modern VR gaming industry is barely two years old at this point, but surprisingly we already have a handful of talented developers who are embracing this new platform with every fiber of their being. Leading the list has to be Insomniac Games. The studio that built the Ratchet and Clank franchise that we've come to know so well on PlayStation platforms has partnered-up with Oculus on three VR game releases already. Insomniac Games has delivered Feral Rites, Edge of Nowhere and The Unspoken. All three games have been well regarded by Oculus Rift gamers. Now, it's time to prepare for their 4th, and quite possibly biggest VR experience yet. Stormland is the name of their epic new VR adventu

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